The Master says “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

My list of things that would be useful to know is growing; I wonder where the teachers are?

And for an easy way to take photos? I’ve found a fantastic teacher called Moose who has produced Cheat Sheets that work for the camera and lens I have. As an absolute beginner, these amazing little cards have helped me set up my Nikon D3100 to take better photos using real settings, not just aim and shoot on Auto Mode. I’ll still use my trusty Olympus Air 01 for those quick shots along the way and the camera in my iPhone, but when I have the luxury of time, I’ll be setting up my Nikon and capturing the things that demand a better camera and lens. Head on over to www.cameratips.com and meet Moose Winans, who is not only a great photographer but a really nice guy as well. Moose was quick to answer my emails about lens and printing options and offered ongoing support as well. He is only an email away and is dedicated to helping you ‘Capture Your World With Reckless Abandon’.

  • Website

    Sort of getting there. Definitely need a teacher for this, although there’s a lot to be said for learning by doing, and using WordPress makes it so much easier. WordCamp is something I’ll be reaching out to this year as it is going to be held in Brisbane. Bring it on!!!

  • Coding 

    There are lots of websites offering online courses – Code Academy is one that offers a free interactive course in coding that isn’t too hard, and is actually a lot of fun.

  • Guitar

    Getting there – if you consider practising the same song every time as a measure of success.

  • Clarinet

    Well, what can I say? I need a lot more motivation to get this project off the ground so I won’t be in a hurry to find the right teacher for a while yet. Hmm, I might also need a soundproof room, since I no longer have the tiny room beneath the stairs – the one my kids assured me had the best acoustics in the house.

  • Piano

    Another project warming gently on the back burner. No piano – no teacher.


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