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Five Years of My Life:

Far from the surf, sand, and Starbucks; the busy shopping centres and growing trend of ‘chocolate’ cafes; and from the friends I’d hung out with. The place that I was to call home for five years had no sand, or surf; no shopping centres full of trendy shops; none of the friends that I used to hang out with. And it was a four-hour round-trip to anything that even remotely resembled a city, or a Starbucks.

My sojourn in the bush began in January 2011, and was meant to be for six months, but six months turned into five years. Five years of isolation – time to reflect and grow; it’s amazing how strong you can be when you have to.

Going from a busy city to a small town gave me perspective – I found out what peace sounds like. When you’re immersed in city life, you rarely stop to think about any other existence. The hustle and bustle of a metropolis keep propelling you forward, and you think there is no other way to live, until you sit on your verandah in a town of less than 2000 people and listen to the grass grow outside your door. Then you realise there are two sides: the noisy and the quiet – the busy and the slow – the near and the far.

After five years of the quiet, I needed the noisy – but not the noisy I’d left behind. I wanted something in between. The not so near, and the not so fast. And I found it in Murwillumbah, where I have the best of both worlds. A half-hour drive to the busy and the noisy is doable when I want to be immersed in all that the big city of the Gold Coast has to offer, including the sea, the sand and the Starbucks. The not so far, and the not so quiet, and the not so slow, is right here in my own backyard.


Now I sit on my verandah and hear the muffled sounds of life around me, not the sounds of constant traffic or the grass growing. Just the peaceful sound of people – not intrusive – just there.


Life is Good!

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