A country kid who moved to the city, back to the country, and then back to the city again.

I’ve obviously had the travel bug most of my life because the list of places I’ve lived and visited would fill these pages, so I’ll just document the most significant.

Places I’ve Called Home:

  • Glossodia (NSW) – the first twelve years of my life spent on almost 20 acres of land. This is where the rough edges were knocked off with the rough and tumble of a brother and three sisters.
  • Windsor (not far from Glossodia)- the big move into town, formulation of my teen years, learning to drive, and venturing into adulthood.
  • Ipswich (Qld) – full-time adulthood
  • Richmond/Wagga Wagga (New South Wales) – a number of years in each place
  • Penang (Malaysia) – the perfect two-year holiday
  • Richmond (NSW) – almost back to where it all started
  • Singleton (NSW) – for a very short time
  • Ipswich (Qld) – amazing how things happen when you’re busy following your dream
  • Gold Coast (Qld) – ah, the beach and the nightlife
  • Vancouver (Canada) – very close to a year in one of the most beautiful cities on this planet
  • San Francisco (US) – almost a year and a lifetime of memories
  • Gold Coast (Qld) – back to Australia and picking up the threads of my teaching career
  • Moura/Theodore/Bauhinia (Central Queensland) – fulfilled my country service requirements, even though I initiated the change and loved my time out west
  • Murwillumbah  – career phase over and retirement just begun

Places I’ve Visited:

UK: England: London, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Southampton, Dover, Birmingham; Ironbridge. Scotland: Edinburgh; St. Andrews; Ireland: Newbridge; Kilkenny; Scandinavia: Gothenburg;  Stockholm; Helsinki; Copenhagen; Oslo; Europe: Rome; Zurich; Amsterdam; Pacific Islands: Vanuatu; Noumea; Isle of Pines; Asia: Singapore; Kuala Lumpur; Thailand; China: Shanghai: Nanjing; India: Amritsar, Dharamshala, Palampur, Shimla, New Delhi;  Canada: Vancouver, Vancouver Island; USA: Anaheim; Boston, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas;  Australia: Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane; Hobart; New Zealand: Wellington; Christchurch; Auckland

Places I’ve Driven Through – not really stopping – but amazed at the beauty:

Germany; France; Belgium; Dublin;

Airports I’ve transited through:  Auckland; Tokyo; Abu Dhabi; Bahrain;

Being severely ‘directionally-challenged’, I have seen hundreds of fabulous towns and cities – far too many to mention – while trying to find the place I’d intended to visit. I think the term ‘wander-lust’ may have been coined with me in mind.

Life is good!