My Writing Space

When I lived in a much bigger house I had a room where my desktop computer sat and gathered dust. I rarely went into that room, and even more rarely turned the computer on. My writing was usually undertaken while stretched out on the lounge, with the TV on, and my laptop precariously balanced on my lap. I say precariously because it was usually stable at the beginning of the process, but as the night wore on, the risk of the laptop sliding to the floor increased as my tired eyes struggled to stay open.

But with those days safely behind me, my time is now devoted to learning new skills through the day which are then practiced on my blogs at night.

During the day, I write while sitting in my favourite chair, pounding away on my old laptop, with the sun streaming in through the window behind me. It’s here that inspiration flows. Most of the time writing is easy, but there are times when it isn’t. That’s when I take a break and do something else. A painting or sewing project usually gives my head a chance to clear the cobwebs, before settling down in the old chair and starting again.


My writing space probably isn’t too different to anyone else’s, but I think the challenge is to find the place that works. And for me, it’s right here at home.





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