Home – Mine And Theirs

Home: My little place in paradise.

The trees that surround me are home to the kookaburras and magpies and hundreds of other living things (I don’t want to know about the creepy crawly ones) that share my space.


There’s nothing better than sitting on my verandah on a beautiful day in paradise, with my feathered friend sharing the sunlight with me. As I enjoy the first coffee of the day and take in the view, the kookaburra scans the garden below in the hope of finding a left-over scrap, tossed from my neighbour’s back door.

Home: Their little place in paradise

Generations of magpies and kookaburras have thrived on my neighbour’s generosity and kindness over the years. And as the birds congregate each morning in anticipation of being fed, they sing, providing the morning chorus for all to hear.


Home: There’s no other place to be than home in my little part of paradise… And the birds agree.


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