I Write Because

…. the confines and structures of the English language reign-in my wandering mind. Conversationally, I’m all over the map; but when I write, I have time to put things in order.

I write because my thoughts can be slowed down and ordered, according to the patterns dictated by the English language; in the grammatical rules that we follow, or at times conscientiously ignore. Following the rules provides a structure to my thoughts that is sadly missing when I speak.

I write because it gives me time to:

  • think about how to phrase the thoughts swimming around in my head
  • soften the words I choose
  • reconsider
  • use the delete key
  • enjoy the solitude

I can’t always take full credit for what appears on the page. There are times when I start writing and suddenly the words come tumbling out, with little or no effort on my part. I often look back on a page, long after the final dot of punctuation has been applied, and wonder where it all came from. It’s like reading something for the first time, written by someone I barely know.

I write because I want to write better

Athletes run to become faster and win more. Writers write to have more people read the pages they create. The more you write – the better you get.

I write because I want to write more

One day, hopefully more people will read the pages I make out of the words that tumble out of my head. The words that circle around and land happily on the clean white page, ready to be absorbed by the reader.

I write because I love writing!


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