A Cool Haven In The Heat

When the heat in town becomes unbearable, there’s a peaceful haven in the rainforest of Springbrook Natural Bridge in the Gold Coast Hinterland. From Murwillumbah, the road to Springbrook is narrow and winding, but the views will keep you mesmerised for the 30-minute journey.



The path leads up and down through spectacular foliage.  The canopy of trees provides much-needed shelter from the sun and creates a sanctuary from the oppressive heat.

The gnarled trunks of trees, fern fronds and roughened rocks, all impacted by the forces of nature over the years, provides a gallery of artwork that is spectacular.


In the middle of the forest is a natural cave filled with a cascading waterfall and small-wing bats. But at nightfall, the cave comes alive. The sounds of the water falling and the tiny bats shrieking are overshadowed by the glow of hundreds of tiny glow worms.


During the day, the shrieking of tiny bats can be heard as they fly in and out of the crevices in the ceiling of the cave.

My photos don’t do this beautiful place justice, but Gareth McGuigan, a visual Storyteller, has spectacular photos of the Natural Bridge and nine other local waterfalls on the Gold Coast Inside website. I’d recommend planning a few days to explore the part of the Gold Coast that is away from the glitter strip, but truly deserving of more attention.


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