The Mystery Of Technology


Technology was supposed to make our lives easier.  But nobody mentioned that our frustration levels would go through the roof with the advent of computers. I’ve been on a steep learning curve to put a couple of websites together, and I know a lot of shortcuts when working with Word and Excel, but can I figure out how to transfer photos from my iPhone to my computer? No!  Well, yes, most times, but the one time I really needed the photos, it just didn’t happen. And somehow it took me a whole day, and a whole lot of money, to figure out that those photos just don’t want to be on my computer. The new supa-doopa WiFi Connecter that was meant to suck the photos off the phone and spit them into the hard-drive of the laptop, just didn’t cut it. Those photos stayed put – right there on my phone.


Then as if by magic, somewhere late last night, it happened, but I still don’t know how. Somewhere in my backing and forwarding between the phone and laptop, I discovered the photos, right where they should have been. The sad thing is, because I don’t really know how it happened, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to replicate it, should I ever need to.

Ah, the mysteries of technology.


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