Mountain View Living

Ah, the things you find. I’ve just found a draft that I wrote a year ago (late 2015), so here it is, warts and all….

You are about to join me on a journey of a lifetime, so buckle up, kick back and relax as we get started.

After five years of rural living, I am about to make my way back to the Gold Coast. In just 13 weeks from now, I’ll be leaving the bush behind and driving about 10 hours south of here to where the beautiful Tweed River flows and Mt Warning rises high above the green pastures. While not exactly the Gold Coast, I’ll be living just over the border in a much more serene setting than the bustling city, but close enough to commute every day.

That’s after I pack up and finish the year here in the Banana Shire that has been home to me for way longer than I expected it to be. When I originally made the long trip from the coast I thought I’d be here just 6 months, but the bush has a way of luring you in, and there was something about being here that made me want to stay longer.

So, let the packing begin. I’ll be starting with loading up the car with anything that will fit in and make my two-week stay (September holidays) in my new unit a bit more comfortable, including the inflatable mattress that will serve as my bed for two weeks. It will be a far cry from the flash hotels I usually stay in while on the coast for holidays, but it will certainly give me a chance to plan for what I need to bring and what I can leave behind when I move in fully in December.

I’m planning on having lots of coffees on the verandah while I relax and watch the world go by; well, when I’m not checking out the tourist attractions of the local area, including Max Brenner (Chocolate!) at Broadbeach.

Update: If you want to know how things have panned out since I moved to Murwillumbah, check out my other sites:  and


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