Living And Writing In Paradise – Or As Close As It Gets

With the Tweed River framed by Mt Warning, who wouldn’t want to live here? No matter where you go you are surrounded by beautiful mountains. A short drive through town puts you alongside the Tweed River, with its beautiful blue mirror-like cover reflecting the trees that grow on its banks, and the blue sky above.

Having spent the last five years in a rural area a long way from nowhere, it is good to be home, back in civilisation, but without the hustle and bustle. The little village that claims me as a new resident is still close enough to the Gold Coast for a quick trip to the beach, but far enough away to escape the crazy traffic and crowded shopping centres. Murwillumbah is the town that time has forgotten.


Murwillumbah – a little piece of paradise that time has left behind

With my long teaching career securely behind me, I have the rest of my life to cultivate my creative writing. And in this peaceful, tranquil setting, I write. Creating text that, hopefully, people will want to read. Text that will adequately describe the beauty of the mountains, the charm of the village, and the power of the mighty Tweed. Text that will transport readers to the banks of the river or the foot of the mountains. Text that will capture the sixties feel of the downtown Diner that entices visitors to drop in for a home-style meal and a great coffee.

This is about me, and where I live.


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